English / Activities / eco-sustainability on a roof of Milan

From 7 to 9 November 2013 took place in Singapore the  “Green Urban Scape Asia” (www.greenurbanscape.com), one of the most important conference in the world about landscape, green design, construction, technology, urban design, with a particular attention to the new green solutions. Among the keynote speakers also the Italian architect Boeri and famous names such as Wong Mun Summ and Kathryn Gustafson

Singapore has become in those days the green capital of the world, and Fito-consult had the onor to participate in the poster exhibition, presenting the design of a roof garden built in Corso di Porta Venezia in Milan. The historic building, on top of which we have designed the garden, is the property of the Foundation Invernizzi. The garden of 800 square meters has been designed considering different aspects: the adaptability to the urban context, the aesthetic qualities and the integration with the architecture of the historic building.

The project was admitted to participate thanks to its innovative aspects: first, it’s a roof garden on top of a historical building of high prestige in the heart of Milan, the choice of materials is innovative: a substrate made up of several elements suitable for roof gardens. The plants were chosen from among evergreen and deciduous trees to create a biodiversity site in a city like Milan.

The project team consists of dott.agr. Daniele Zanzi, Arch. Stefania Barbieri and dott.agr.Cecilia Zanzi.