English / Activities / Saving the Cupressus of "Mother Island"

The patriarch symbol of “Mother island” – Verbania

In June 2006 a violent tornado struck the Mother Island of Verbania, it was a disaster, hundreds of shrubs and rare trees crashed and among them the ancient cypress of Kashmir. The specimen of Cupressus cashmeriana, known not only in Italy for its beauty and, was lying with the magnificent crown in the ground and roots broken to the sky.  The day after  Dr. Daniele Zanzi went on the island, called to try to recover the tree. It was a hard challenge: lift a 25tons tree and recovering, especially, the vitality! The staff of workers employed in the firm consisted of dozens of people, some engaged in laying cables and rods, some in fixing the hoists, others in the restoration of the ground surrounding ...

Finally, the cypress was raised and fixed, showing all his wounds.

The Fito-Consult tree-climbers climbed to remove portions of broken branches and  fix the ropes.

Specialist care to the foliage and underground operations will help the cypress to recover its vegetative activity.

Several magazines, Italian and international, have been interested, an example is given in a report appeared in “Famiglia Cristiana”, that is available on our website, section of the Gallery Download