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Lights and colour of the Alps – Chelsea Flower Show 2010

At Chelsea Flower Show 2010, an italian garden was allowed to partecipated:  this is such a rare event!

Francesco Decembrini and Daniele Zanzi in fact were one of the few Italian landscape architect who have managed to gain access to this world famous event - only two previous since 1862, when the event started.

The aim of the garden is to reproduce a mountain landscape in which plants that can adapt to extreme environmental conditions live; these plants are generally not appreciated in traditional gardens. The installation was carried out by Fitoconsult gardeners, using rocks, stones and plants native to the alpine regions of Northern Italy.
The garden competed in the "Courtyard Gardens". The structure consists of a rectangle of 5.00 x 4.00 m, partially closed on three sides by walls of mirror on which have been painted profiles of mountain ranges;  mirror structures, prism shaped, are located in the centre of the garden.

Extensive use of mirrors would recreate the reflections of snow and the bright light typical of high mountain landscapes.
Thanks to these surfaces, images of plants and rocks are reflected several times, creating an optical illusion and an expansion of space.
The energy required for the lights is supplied by a solar panel system supported by a wooden structure - a kind of energy tree.  The garden was awarded with the bronze medal!

You will find many photos of the Alpine Garden in Chelsea Flower Show.

The Chelsea Flower Show is considered one of the most important event in the world for gardening and horticulture.
The event, organized every year by the Royal Horticultural Society in the garden of the Royal Hospital Chelsea - London attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world who come to see a preview of the new trends in plants, flowers and landscaping.

Besides the presence of hundreds of exhibitors that have the best collections of plants and flowers from all the world, the most fascinating section of the event, which attracts the attention of the visitors, is certainly the one in which landscape architects from all over the world show their projects.

The Chelsea Flower Show is also a great social event for the British high society, involving politicians and celebrities from the entertainment world. Also the members of the Royal Family usually visit the show the day before the opening.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) organized the first flower show in 1862 in Kensington Gardens, with the name "Great Spring Show"; this was followed by 26 annual editions. In 1888 the RHS decided to change the location and the event was moved to London, first to the Temple Gardens, then in 1913 in the gardens of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea. This site proved was perfect for an event of this kind and has remained here without interruption except for a suspension during the Second World War.