Books / English


Trees, Associates and Shigo by Alex Shigo

2 CD with over 5000 photos
Price: 250,00 euro

The Alex L. Shigo Story
by Alex Shigo

DVD with original documents by Alex Shigo
Price: 15,00 euro

Tree basic - What any arborists should know about trees by Alex Shigo

In English.
40 pages, 35 photos.
Price: 20,00 euro

Tree Pruninga world wide photo guide by Alex Shigo

In English.

192 pages, 126 colored pictures.
Price: 50,50 euro

Modern arboricolture by Alex Shigo

In English.

440 pages, 310 pictures.
Price: 71,30 euro

Tree anatomy by Alex Shigo

In English.
Price: 102,40 euro

A New Tree Biology by Alex Shigo
In English.
612 pages, 688 photos

Available together with A NEW TREE BIOLOGY DICTIONARY 132 pages
Price: 97,20 euro both books.

Tree Pithy Points by Alex Shigo

In English, 160 pages
Price: 26,00 euro

100 Tree Myths by Alex Shigo

In English.
80 pages
Price: 26,00 euro