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Dr. agr. Daniele Zanzi


Daniele Zanzi graduated from the University of Piacenza with 1st class honors, which earned him the ‘Agostino Gemelli Award’.   This proved to be the launch pad for a career rich in recognition and awards.

After leaving university he became a plant researcher and then a tree care specialist.  However it was his understanding of the important relationship between academic and operational/technical practices that urged him to start his own company.  He is now the founder and director of Fito-Consult, the pioneer company of tree climbing and tree surgery and the leading Italian company in the management of green spaces.  Fito-Consult is a certified UNI ENI ISO 9001 business.

Daniele Zanzi has been an active member of the I.S.A. ‘International Society of Arboriculture’ since 1982 and is the co-founder and President of the Italian section as well as the Director of I.S.A. Europe.  He has been on the Board of Directors for the past 5 years and is responsible for developing the international side of the I.S.A. 

In 1998 he was appointed as President of the European Arboricultural Council and is also a member of the A.S.C.A. ‘American Society of Consulting Arborists’ - an association that unifies the most qualified arboricultural professionals and consultants throughout the world.

Daniele has published numerous scientific and technical works and has spoken at a multitude of official conferences and seminars, both nationally and internationally, in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, the CzechRepublic, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Norway, and Brazil.

He has organized and conducted numerous seminars and workshops concerned with the biology and care of trees in collaboration with many of the great names of ‘modern Arboriculture’, such as Alex Shigo, Katrin Joos, Claus Mattheck, Francis Schwarze, Donald Marx, Lothar Wessolly, Pius Floris and Ken Palmer.

He has translated a number of volumes into Italian, including “Tree Biology and Tree Care", "A New Tree Vitality" and "Modern Arboriculture" by Alex Shigo and "Stupsi" by Claus Matteck.

In 1995 he was awarded an ‘Award of Merit’ by dell'Arbor Day Foundation - USA -for his contribution towards the advancement of arboriculture in Europe and Italy.  In 2001 he received the National Arborist Association (USA) Grand Award for Excellence in Arboriculture, which recognizes the best international design, care and maintenance work on trees.

In 2002 he became an Honorary Member of the Forestry Contracting Association - FCA - the prestigious and famous British association that brings together British arboreal and forestry technicians. The Board of Directors of the Association recognized Dr.Daniele Zanzi's commitment to the development and advancement of arboriculture within the European Union.

In 2003 he founded the Modern Arboriculture Institute – M.A.I.  a private institution for research, study and the spread of modern arboriculture.  In 2004 he went on to found ArborMaster Training Italy, an international training program for tree climbers.

In 2007 he became an active member dell'AIAPP – the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture and in 2008 he became the chairman of the Landscaping Committee for the local authority of Varese.   In the same year he was also appointed as an honorary member of the International Dendrology Society.

In 2009 he was accepted as a full member of the Linnean Society of London, the oldest
international association of scholars of the Natural Sciences. 

Most recently be has become the CEO of the Foundation "La Casa del Sole" - Barasso VA, where he has created an education centre and park in memory of the late Alex Shigo. 

In 2010 he entered a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, entitled “The lights and Colours of the Alps”.  The garden received a bronze medal and was complimented on by HRH Queen Elizabeth II! 

Dr. Daniele Zanzi has four main passions: family, trees, AC Milan and marathon running.