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Fito-Consult was originally located in the heart of Varese, but in 1990 it moved to a larger site located just off the main motorway to Milan. We benefit from our proximity to an excellent transport infrastructure as well as having ample space for the secure storage of our fleet of vehicles and equipment.  

Fuchsia is the signature color of our company with our vehicles easily recognised due to their distinctive fuchsia paint!
Within our main office we have a small horticultural/agricultural shop to cater for the needs of professionals and amateurs alike.  We stock horticultural products for gardening, fruit growing etc and are also licensed to sell pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.   We also have an area dedicated to tree climbing equipment; harnesses, ropes, carabinas, PPE etc.  A technician is always available to consult with any queries about the purchase of chemicals or equipment.  

How to Find Us
The Fito-Consult Offices and Shop are located in Via Orazio 5, at the end of the A8 motorway.  Follow signposts for Viale Europa and once on Viale Europa take a right turn at the first set of traffic lights.  We are well signed from Viale Europa.