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Who we are

Fito-Consult is ... the modern arboriculture


Fito-Consult operates both nationally and internationally and is fortified by decades of experience and high professionalism provided by its staff.

The care of trees and green spaces is a passion for our company which is dedicated to providing expertise at the highest professional level. We apply maximum effort and aim for continuous improvement by regularly updating the techniques and methods we employ.  We provide practical maintenance work on trees alongside scientific work to spread and enhance the principles of arboriculture and to raise public awareness for the protection of green areas.  We aim to continuously increase awareness of the importance of nature and the need to protect our green spaces.

Our acquaintance with Alex Shigo and his experimental studies helped us to understand the correct practices and principles behind the biology of trees.  Fito-Consult pioneered the “tree-climbing” in Italy, a particular technique that enables the pruning of trees directly from the crown. Associated with the most prominent and appreciated researchers and international experts in the industry, we give lectures and seminars all around Italy. (Alex Shigo, Peter Bridgmann, Claus Mattheck, Katrin Joos, Klaus Woodtly, Pius Floris, Klaus Vollbrecht, Francis Schwarze, Lothar Wessolly, Clive Sorrell, Jim Clark, Kevin Smith, Cynthia Mills to name but a few ....)

We were the first company in Italy to adopt the use of sonic tomography for the evaluation of the stability of the trees. This is a non-invasive method of investigation that offers improved accuracy compared with some of the more outdated techniques.
Trained technicians and skilled operators put professionalism and passion at your service!