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A day with Svante Hansson

It is still possible to subscribe the participation at the workshop with Svante Hansson, that will be on 19 th February in Varese. It will be possible to learn about the new cut techniques and the proper use of the chainsaw.


Daniele Zanzi in the comitee for the resque of the old oak in Tuscany

Tomorrow Daniele Zanzi will have a very special patient: the secular oak known as Quercia delle Checche, that is rooted in Pienza, in Tuscany.


Merry Christmas and Happy 2015

As usual, we publish our card with the best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Many of you have already received the paper copy, but now we send you the wishes trough the web site.


The last issue of the Fito-Consult &trees

By now you can find the last issue of our magazine "Fito-Consult&gli alberi" on our web site, and as usual also on the Ipad and Iphone.


Cultural events for the national Day of Trees

November 21 is celebrated througtout Italy as the Festival Day for trees. Fito-Consult, in collaboration with the Libreria del Corso and the Art Gallery Ghiggini has organized several cultural events to which you are all invited.


Monumental trees by Tiziano Fratus

"Those who have an oak veteran has more than one tree.


Happy Easter

  To our costumers and friends, who remain in contact with us through the web site and the socials, we sent, together with the flowered dove made by Fitoconsult, our best wishes of Happy Easter.


The opinion by Daniele Zanzi on Rmf on-line

On the Rmf website you can find the opinion by Daniele Zanzi regarding lots of important issues. His articles are very appreciated by the great audience!Read the last one on the web site www.rmfonline.


The Danish cut, see the video on our web site!

We have just published, among the video in our Gallery, the short video about the Danish cut. This tipe of cut is used to fell trees with flat cut.


Online registration for the workshop "Sistema Albero 2014"

registration for the workshop "Sistema Albero 2014" are now available, All the informations and the schedule are in our website. Please contact us for any question.


the new website of Agri-consult

Agri-consult  gets a new look with a renewed website; the extremely pleasant graphics and user-friendly settings make the navigation very easy. The site aims to be a container for technical information and news, updated continuously.


Coffee, Mountain troops & trees

Le local section of the Italian mountain troops is one of the most active  on the Country.


Fito-consult sponsor of the next photo exhibition of Tiziano Fratus

The smart and interesting initiatives for the respect, knowledge and protection of trees need to be encouraged and supported. We’re proud to support Tiziano Fratus and we invite everyone to visit this amazing traveling photo exhibition!


Lectio magistralis by Daniele Zanzi

"Students are our hope": this sentence of Alex Shigo has always driven us in our outreach activities; that's why Tuesday February 11 th dr.


Best wishes for a Merry Xmas from Fitoconsult on the football field

As every year, a decade from now, Fitoconsult descends into themed unconventional dresses to wish friends and clients a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This year, the exceptional location was the municipal stadium F.


Now here we are! In English, also!

From today is available the English version of our renewed web site! New contents, new ideas, new videos, and many other things. Click on!


"Climb trees" a book on tree climbing in Italy

From this week you can buy in book shops or on internet the book "Arrampicare gli alberi" written by Luca Vitali. The book covers the history of tree climbing in Italy, introduced in the Country in 1982 by Daniele Zanzi.


Fitoconsult is on twitter

You can twitt with us at the adress @FitoConsult. Send a twitt to us and follow us daily!


Fito-Consult and Varese Calcio together again in 2014 !

We continue to support as official sponsor the local soccer team Varese Calcio. The team is playing the second nationale league, with the hope to jump in the first national league. Up, up, up, red and white colours!!!