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Urban Arboriculture is the discipline of tree care and maintenance from the time a tree is planted until the point when it fails. It therefore encompasses a vast topic over an extended period of time and a sound chronological understanding of the tree is essential in regard to urban arboriculture. 

For us arboriculture is a passion and over the years we have played an important part in the development and subsequent establishment of Italian arboriculture.

For example we have introduced and spread the theories of Professor Alex Shigo and Claus Mattheck, the VTA-SIA-SIM methods for the static evaluation of trees, tree-climbing techniques;  (and now utilise V.T.A. and S.I.A. and S.I.M. methods for the static evaluation of trees.  We regularly revise our methods of tree-climbing) we keep up to date with training and educational courses and ourselves run ‘ArborMaster’ training.  We also attend and conduct numerous international scientific conferences. 

As a result we have accumulated a unique and exceptional knowledge of arboriculture and our experiences within the trade have led Fito-Consult to become a reference point and model for arboriculture nationally and internationally.