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Dr. Zanzi on-line

Fill out the form, you will receive a reply within 24 h with the quote for our advice

Plant deseases?

If you want professional advice to solve disease problems on ornamental plants or fruit-bearing, send us some pictures and a brief description of the problem.
By purchasing our advice you will see again your plants lush and healthy.


Agronomic doubts?

To get good results it's foundamental have specific knowledge about the characteristics of the plant species, the habitat preferences, needs, soil ... If you have doubts, if you need an help to select plants for your garden, terrace or inside, you can ask our expert for a professional advice. Send us your requirements and preferences and we will give serious answers to all of your questions.
With us you will always have the right plant in the right place!


You don't know how to make the correct pruning?

We can suggest you on how to make the best pruning of a tree or a shrub. If you send us a picture of the plant, we will alert you which branches to prune and what type of intervention is most appropriate for the plant.